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Zone 1 : Slow Flow  ~  Beginner Level

For those seeking a gentler, slower-paced practice. This class focuses on basic postures (asanas.) Emphasis is placed on stretching and opening the hips, shoulders and back. Session length: 60 min.

Iyengar Class

Zone 2 : Foundation Flow  ~  Beginner/Intermediate Level

For those seeking a calming yet energizing practice. This class focuses on creating and utilizing warmth through foundational flowing and connecting poses (vinyasa.) Emphasis is placed on stretching and strengthening the core and back. Session length: 60 min.

Yoga Practice

Zone 3 : Power Flow  ~  Intermediate/Experienced Level

For those seeking a strong, invigorating practice. This vinyasa class focuses on building dynamic, continuous flows while utilizing a powerful yoga breathing method (ujayii pranayama.) Session length: 60 min.

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Chair Yoga  ~  Beginner Level

This gentle style is ideal for those who prefer not to practice yoga on the mat, but instead from the comfort of a chair. Enjoy all the benefits of increased strength, balance and flexibility, while also reducing strain on your joints. This class particularly benefits those with limited mobility, recovering from injury, or living with neuromuscular conditions.

Session length: 45 min.

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Yoga for Kids  ~  Ages 5-12

Children will learn the basics of yoga in a fun, interactive atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed on improving coordination,

concentration and confidence. 

Session length: 45 min.

FREE Kids Yoga 

Summer 2020 classes at 

Detroit's Historic Palmer Park

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Yoga for Teens  ~  Ages 13-18

Teens will experience an introduction to yoga basics with an emphasis on fitness and strength. This class will focus on increasing flexibility to decrease sports-related injuries. Session length: 60 min.

Hatha Class

Private Instruction

Private sessions can be tailored to any level, based on your unique needs and requests. Session length: 60 min.

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